, a win over the webmaster group, get more traffic. Love Shanghai for the so-called user experience while constantly adjusting algorithm, K station again and again, while constantly launched their own tools, please a webmaster, this seemingly contradictory, in fact, is the reaction of a strategy of love Shanghai grassroots webmaster use: stick + radish, stick fiercely hit of the radish gentleness, cause this strategy results.

some time ago love Shanghai Webmaster Platform launched the chain query! Love the chain currently Shanghai Webmaster Platform in the query, the chain can only check their websites; soon, Shanghai will love online, the whole network chain query tool, the webmaster is good or bad? Love the whole network of Shanghai chain query whether it will become the best channel competitor analysis of the chain? Just some time ago, Zhengzhou Shanghai dragon asked communities to participate in discussions on such topics in search, feel very good, and today we share a

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love from Shanghai’s point of view, launched a query tool chain also has a lot of good

first love Shanghai launched the whole chain network query tool, which I believe we can look forward to! The whole network chain query tool, but also love Shanghai official authority, needless to say, this will become the analysis tool of competitors, but also give their chain of suggestions to provide the most direct " seconds; attack " thinking, to seckill now the chain all domestic Shanghai dragon query tool, said very personal expectations. And since China webmaster in the absence of Yahoo, the chain this together is always a vacuum, we are hungry for a long time, if love Shanghai launched the whole chain network query tool, is certainly to meet the owners needs, this is a good thing for the love of Shanghai, and to the webmaster, it is also a good thing. This is a win-win situation. When we continue to think beyond the rankings at the same industry, we must be in different degree to learn good competitors, which will improve the quality of website. The high quality of the site, regardless of the user, or to search engines, are loved.

love the whole network of Shanghai chain query will become the best channel competitor analysis of the chain. We all know that the competition is always there, an industry, a lot of skilled work, then there is no secret what; if not what proficient attention, it does not exist what competition. So, outside the chain of tools must be exposed outside the chain of channels in a certain range, but also intensify competition, forcing us to better service to retain customers, so as to achieve the "search engine from" realm, such as Taobao, Dangdang, Jingdong, where the customer, have corresponding customer groups and special services system, it is very difficult for us to go to school as like as two peas. If a competitor can really as good as Shanghai why, Shanghai dragon love to do, it is no reason not to enter the user’s line of sight. So, in the disclosure of information, there is not much of a problem, because the public, so it is not a secret, finally return to the service guide to the above, is a good thing.

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