now many enterprises do not understand do not understand network marketing, website optimization, website promotion for a week, some two days and asked how the promotion has no effect. The author is to have this kind of situation, unlike the traditional network marketing salesman came so fast, the network marketing needs a process, but the effect is long-term, stable. This is the characteristic of network marketing, the effect is slow, but the effect is stable, and lasted for a long time, so enterprises need to change the concept of.

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5, capital investment

Although the

now many small and medium enterprises begin to pay attention to the network marketing, also chose the network marketing, many enterprises through the network marketing real benefit, some enterprises even cannot do without the network marketing, almost all sales are achieved through the network marketing. Some companies feel the effect of network marketing is not good, the author analyzed the main reasons are as follows.

4, the conversion rate of

network marketing and traditional marketing as the input of funds, to invest the time to invest, if you do not want to put network is not good to do network marketing. Network promotion also need cost, with the increase of the promotion, the cost increases. In order to better return on investment.

2, website quality is not

of small and medium-sized enterprises need professional attention to customers, and customer communication skills, can greatly improve the conversion rate, generally have online marketing function, promptly respond to customer questions, also need the function of QQ, now QQ great popularity, so the site generally need to provide the QQ function, the convenience of customers with QQ friends, after convenient contact.

lack of awareness of network marketing enterprises

network promotion, according to the characteristics of their companies, choose their own way, some suitable for site optimization, some suitable for blog promotion, some suitable for QQ promotion, some SMS for promotion, choose the most suitable way of promotion. Some products are suitable for network marketing, network marketing is not suitable for some products, such as yogurt, fruit is not suitable for network marketing.

network marketing needs a process, the need for high quality website, in the promotion and professional customers, and finally into actual customers, surfing website optimization professional network promotion, website optimization, Internet marketing services, if you need please contact us and network marketing.


enterprise website, but the website quality is not enough, website marketing, website open speed is slow, the picture is too large, the text is too small. The key is not outstanding, the center is not clear, not only increases the difficulty of optimization, customer conversion rate is not good. The website is the first impression, if the first impression is not good, customers are likely to choose other companies, with the increasing of network marketing competition, the more prominent role.

3, select

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