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website three Dabao: domain name, host, program, in fact, many of my friends are aware of website Sambo, domain name registration and the theme of the site keywords organic contact and domain name registrar must be registered brand strength, so as to ensure the stable ownership of the domain name and domain name analytic website; host selection must be stable and reliable but also to maintain the loading rate is high, so the host will not drag for the web site. The choice of procedure must choose small holes, easy to open source program, and the program for choosing the best search engines still have to comply with the principles, such as in the selection process when we try to choose to use fewer but applicable procedures, procedures for the use of search engines also catch the excessive number of tired, not to produce a higher website the degree of concern.

website image optimization and dynamic optimization, our website in the on-line time must be the site of the future image positioning and dynamic positioning, such as slide arrangement in which side of the site, we should set a slide number of pictures, how to add slide shows and so on, and this is the site of the basic and dynamic picture optimization, can be said to be the point of our website optimization can in an orderly position.

I give a very simple example for everyone: website A take a picture format is JPEG, and the site B to format is PNG, if you are a webmaster how do you choose the two formats in the face of a search engine? It can be said that JPEG and PNG are currently in the application site pictures the most widely, for example a logo website to do my own, the beginning is used in all the PNG format, but the site in the rankings to 19 place is not fixed, no matter in what way website rankings are not moving, then consult a website owners often do pictures, he told me for the picture: the excessive use of our website, it is best to use a picture format JPEG format, JPEG format, because the smaller space occupation picture is clear, compared with the search engine habits, can also indirectly improve the site The user experience rate, from the little things we can see the importance of website image optimization, website optimization is in fact.

optimization has been an independent proposition, but with the love of Shanghai search engine is more and more high requirements on the website, many started to optimize site in the midway does not meet the high requirements of love in Shanghai and new requirements, when faced with this situation as an ordinary webmaster we only to the site from the website before the line will be officially launched and on-line website optimization combined with each other, only do this one of the sites will be enduring.

is now a lot of Shanghai dragon in orders to feel the tasks difficult to complete or to the rank of the website did not rise time in the face of this situation, many Shanghai dragon also sentiment: website optimization if not from the site of the line before the planning, optimize the difficulty many times in the middle site.

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