technology blog TechCrunch reported the products engaged in social science and technology reporter Josie · Considine (Josh Constine) on Sunday published an article that the mobile ad network and Gifts e-commerce products, Facebook can not flow through the data to increase revenue. This means that, perhaps, one day the number of ads on Facebook will tend to zero.

is as follows:

Facebook must show more ads in order to get more revenue, right? No, or at least not necessary to do so. If you can expand the mobile advertising network and Gifts e-commerce products, Facebook can rely on data rather than traffic to improve revenue.

it may be said, that is tell some fantastic tales. A month ago, it was also believed that Facebook earnings outlook is not optimistic, because of its user base is moving from PC to mobile devices. For PC users, Facebook can display 7 ads per page, and get a $30% revenue from the game. Many industry insiders believe that in order to obtain revenue through mobile devices, providing more advertising is the only solution.

Facebook but quick test mobile ad network in Zynga.com first, a few weeks ago and allows advertisers to use their data in non Facebook mobile advertising network and application (Facebook mobile ad network) to provide accurate advertising.

on Thursday, Facebook launched a mobile social networking services Gifts, allowing users to buy goods and give friends in the site. Facebook gets a specific percentage of revenue from each transaction, thus adding a new revenue source.

through these products, Facebook has proven through second ways to obtain revenue.

original way: through the user spend a lot of time on the site and application to get revenue. Second ways: using a large number of user data to obtain revenue.

many ad networks will cause interference to the user, and Facebook advertising network allows advertisers to target users by gender, age, address, work experience, hobbies, friends and application activities to provide information users need ad. This means that the need to provide more advertising can get higher revenue.

analysis of Gifts users to buy gifts donated by friends of the information, if the user has to prepare with the friends and interests of users with gifts, Facebook can be recommended to make them. The more Facebook knows, the better it will be.

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