Hello, I am a new person for the Internet, but also an old man. When I contact the Internet when it is just in China rise, but then I gradually do not want to go, because I love my work but also because more quietly look at the books, the Internet in my eyes is that "young people", but recently a lot of friends advised me to read the Internet, said speaking and writing, so I went back, as a newcomer.

today, I want to communicate with you is my personal many years ago I venture in the process of a thing, is a kind of experience, is also a kind of experience, to share with you:

early to Ji’nan, unknown and confused

years ago when I experienced the ups and downs of life decided to start a career for himself, so I came to Ji’nan, I has been in this city for more than and 10 years, I have to say that it is difficult, I don’t have much money, no place, nor what, at that time I even I want to start to doubt whether the idea absurd, I think if you let me know I can come to this step today, I think I can only think of four words: unbelievable; and let me see my past now, I have four words: not easy.


to do good work must first sharpen his tools, in order to open, the first step is to have a person, I will print some advertising in all, some go in front of the school gate, at that time I was very excited, just like myself to do a great job, but later I found this thing really great. So I recruited five people, my company is set up.

five person, a road,


at that time, because I do not have what money, so in a district, rented a house, simple can’t simple, we bought a few tables, a few phones, bought some equipment, the other is nothing. But they did not abandon me, never leave me, I feel very fortunate. When we say with a company, rather than as a family, I did not have the leadership from the shelf, then we all work on the consciousness, I am glad that although we are very bitter, but we all have hope, insist on, that’s when I found the four men are my relatives. When we eat together at night when nothing to drink, play cards, poor and happy days. So far, I have a plot very impressed, when we talk about a three hundred thousand of the customers, the customer still joked: three hundred thousand I can have your company bought. This sentence I have a deep memory, of course, this sentence at that time is not false, three hundred thousand, enough!

started this way, we have a little bit of development, at that time our company does not have the so-called system, there is no so-called post, everyone has to do a lot of

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