days ago, the Ministry of Education issued a document that allows and encourages students to drop out of business, and in the past two years, many college students already ignited the entrepreneurial flame, and lingering. So today I’m going to talk about how to use the inflatable doll in the campus to open up a blue ocean, of course, the risk of conceit.

first step: 100 thousand start funding

since you want to start a business, and not playing mahjong, so please give up the empty Gloves White Wolf plan. Placed in front of your young blood in two ways, one is looking for venture capital, and the other is the public to raise the two. If looking for venture capital, we should look at how you to tell you the parents. For example, you can say "Dad! I want to start your investment! I’m 100 thousand now, I promise to take you to the NASDAQ bell next year." If he didn’t take your skull when the clock strikes so that you do not engage in pyramid schemes, then you really was born in a family of scholar.

is the best way to raise public. If the whole class 20 people, only one person to raise you $5000 on it. Perhaps there are people in addition to the money, you have to follow the cause of the cause.

are you afraid you won’t be able to convince them?.

second step: 1-3 months


(a statement: pirates who leak girlfriend forever!!)

first, buy a doll. In fact, this statement is not accurate, it should be said that the entity doll. A lot of people the impression of the understanding of the inflatable doll narrowly refers to those one hundred or two hundred dollars for something X treasure, it really need a pump to inflate, just add a sound the trumpet, say their "real temptation pronunciation". People shy girlfriend is angry, your girlfriend is gentle leak. We need to buy here is the high-end entity doll, such as Japan’s OT, 4WOODS, SLK and other brands of products, each doll is basically more than sixty thousand or seventy thousand yuan.

see here, many students have to estimate the dog exclaimed "Oh God, the cost is so high!"

want to know the child can not bear the wolf, this is the pursuit of the ultimate sense of experience of the times. Seventy thousand yuan an inflatable doll, it is estimated that you can immediately become the topic of the boys dormitory. Then you need to register a WeChat public account, for example can be called "beauty" bring unlimited reverie to the name of the person, well, not suggested the name "Yin" style, a little low.

before the start of the need for a preparatory work, that is, the remaining 30 thousand dollars do not put into the balance of treasure. At least half of the inflatable doll to buy several sets of customized high-end clothing, from pajamas to underwear to sportswear to dress to bikinis, should be covered to the mainstream scene, to do good work must first sharpen his tools.

is about to start promoting, believe me, you don’t need to

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