1 download site: advantages: it is easy for popularity, do not need a lot of publicity, also do not like the news that update

disadvantages: too much, ha ha, in addition, if not to steal, you can consider how long your space. So, personally think that personal site should not be the first to rely on or take up resources (space, bandwidth, manpower, etc.) over the project.

2 Video: now anti piracy, to royalty, lawsuit, careful will find you, not long-term potential (personal opinion, for reference only)

4 Literature: not too clear the profit model, not Luanjiang:)

5 Web site: This is also good, the lazy mode, without updating, oh, how profitable is you have to do

1 local professional services site: abundant data, convenient management, easy to success (it is easy to be a large site acquisition, this is a problem that needs to be considered), must have local characteristics!

2 applications based on the network: if you are very familiar with the network, and (nonsense) love garment (assumption), you can do an online clothing store, the products you need to on the street looking for a reason and your cooperation boutiques, they give a price, you can run, waiting for a profit of course, you are willing to do a presentation you tea site, I will not oppose… Ha ha, I know a 22 year old guy, 2 years ago, 350 yuan to buy a space, looking for a $600 store program, investment of less than $1000, made a data line site, purchase, delivery center, are you a person, now do the monthly income of net profit of more than 10 thousand.

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