2011 Taobao customer competition will be more intense than the 2010, every day there are a large number of new Taobao customers into the Taobao alliance. Every day, Taobao customer sites are springing up. Veteran constantly for their own website, climb up. 2011 how to how to in the fierce competition in the Taobao customer. This is the talent shows itself, many passengers want to know the problem of Taobao. But a lot of friends in the tangled between the product and the key has been wandering, what we should pay attention to the choice of the first product or keyword? 2 can be said to be relatively deep, as long as it is not difficult to find to analyze the characters of 2. Choose to compete with large products such as weight loss, whitening, and fear no market, the competition is less afraid of the key words of low profit products commission. So, the author will be the following 2 for further analysis, I hope to give you some inspiration.

view: main products: special guest, key secondary does choose the product is really important, if you choose to do slimming products, now the market is already saturated, the novice can not be a short time profit, finally ended in failure. A lot of people are doing single product promotion, and choose a less competition, high commission for the novice is indeed a bit difficult! In the Taobao alliance product promotion background category is numerous, afraid find belong to our products less competitive? So, this view is very important to select products, keyword second, the reason is the competition of the products, so easy to do on the

keyword ranking!Keywords: two

view: this view, the main products are mainly is very important, we do Taobao off single product promotion is not wrong in high commission are wrong, but that our keyword is wrong, in the vastness of the thesaurus search engine keyword in the thousands, why is staring at a very competitive keywords? As long as we continue to dig some less competitive, there is kindness to the keywords, believe your station will have a very good income. For example: the new year Taobao customer is mainly electronic cigarette, suddenly a surprise – halfway station group, hateful stations all monopolized the station master key. If the choice is not competition key words perhaps will not result in the site is now unable to get up after a fall.

finally, regardless of a good view or a good view of the two, the final purpose of doing the Taobao single page is to choose less competitive with the intention of the long tail key words. Is L-carnitine weight-loss drug last year is the fire it! We can still do it, then profit! But the most important is that we must continue to find, to dig the long tail keywords, constantly to meet the user search habits of words, and these words are intentional. You can use some keyword mining tools and Baidu index, Baidu, Google, Sogou, soso, and other search engines to find relevant search results, there are a lot of long tail keywords let you out of the


well, for the product and the choice of key words on the analysis of the road here, then

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