Mitchell Harper is the co-founder and CEO of new business platform Bigcommerce, he published articles on the well-known technology blog VentureBeat recently introduced how to prepare a speech financing (pitch deck). The company from Sydney, from the beginning of 20 thousand U.S. dollars of funds, for many years to achieve the growth of 100%, so far has received a $75 million investment, the article is as follows:

It is difficult for

to prepare a financing speech (pitch deck), especially for those who have never done this before. Like I was in 2011, when we were in the first round of financing for Bigcommerce, although the final investment of $15 million, but the whole process is very excited, nervous and anxious.

but the good news is that the content of a financing speech is still very fixed. You have to tell a story about a business, a vision of others, and a clear idea of what your company is doing. These requirements are valid for all the financing stage, you only need to manage those things yourself, others will follow. In this article I will introduce eight suggestions for preparing pitch deck.

so why is it my advice because first of all in the past 3 years, I have received a total of 75 million of the financing, experienced three rounds of financing. Have seen more than a dozen top venture, across the east coast of the United states. Have received a lot of quotations, etc., the most important thing is to deal with a lot of VC. So I hope these suggestions can help you:

1 to have a big vision, and continue to enlarge it by 10 times

it is important for entrepreneurs to have a big vision, but many first-time entrepreneurs tend to restrain their ideas. In fact, I was not able to do so many years ago, but now I think, no matter what your vision is to be more ambitious, more competitive. For example, if the vision is to solve a particular problem in a particular country, then expand the vision to the global scope. Continue to increase your vision, one day you will find that you will be scared of their own grand vision.

2 explain in detail how you use the money

can not say that half spent on marketing, half spent on development, so that the answer can not get the trust of investors, because after all, is a big investment. To have a detailed financial model, to describe the next two years of revenue growth and expected income, etc.. The most important thing is to be able to tell the details of the use of investment. Good financial model, to allow investors to see some of the risk reduction. And the lower their risk, the more chance you’ll get.

3 to the various indicators of the business

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