music Amoy network CEO Bi Sheng said: the biggest challenge to do e-commerce is growing fast enough, as long as you fast enough, the plate will be growing, so speed and efficiency must be consistent." But, please keep calm, do not blindly aggressive, after all it is Bi Sheng, he has the capital, team, Internet resources and experience, it is a strong management team, and business is just the grassroots team, please reason to think about the following questions:

1, the team decided to project genes and development

Internet is just a tool for the electricity supplier, the electricity supplier is actually the essence of retail business, the electricity supplier team needs to complement the Internet and traditional enterprise talent. The traditional retail enterprise personnel understand, understand the supply chain, and both are indispensable, once the lack of one party will lead to asymmetry, for example, the lack of Internet talent, the growth speed is slow, because the Internet control ability is weak.

2, speed and focus on the basis of maintaining a harmonious rhythm

electricity supplier entrepreneurship is the speed, how to control the speed of each stage is particularly important, such as team running in, information, category expansion, inventory stocking and so on all aspects. And the development of each system should follow a certain order, for example, is the first web development system and ERP system or other what, to the transfer of entrepreneurial companies, speed is undoubtedly the most important, the first commercial version of the website system and ERP system, and then set up a cordon, orders in the cordon to team running, optimize team, exceed the order of the cordon to open the website system and ERP system.

3, focus on the advantages of the product, the accumulation of platform visibility and user base

gross profit high, repeat purchase rate, high viscosity products into independent B2C is more appropriate, try to avoid the homogeneity and price war, it will be a great challenge, the electricity supplier business also is attention, don’t worry or a product category, first through the establishment of user seed products, products and core products trust and loyalty.

4, choose the right product launch channels, force marketing skills and creativity.

In recent years, the electricity supplier

media than in previous years the price has doubled several times, and put in effect about ten times lower than the commitment, the portal delivery cost is too high, and the outdoor plane is almost no effect, so that the main channel for entrepreneurial B2C launch or web site, community and micro-blog SEM; there are SEO optimization.

5, a good cash flow control, and strive to be as soon as possible blood, live longer than anything important

entrepreneurship is the most serious problem in cash flow, cash flow will be broken off a project. It is necessary to implement fine management, control the human cost of each stage, promotion costs and procurement costs. Hematopoietic aspects can be settled from Jingdong, Dangdang, Amazon and other high-quality channels began.

6, entrepreneurial team leader CEO to fly

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