I graduated from a junior college, University is a computer network. The course is very chaotic, and their class is not serious, so graduation can say nothing. A chance to contact Wangzhuan related to some things, then indulge them.

1 Station Road – NiuDao failed

started his own idea is to build a website, and then really through the advertising alliance to make money. Want to do, buy a domain name space to buy about 100 yuan, the basic equipment is done, do a website, the website content is determined. Because of personal problems, I choose to find the kind of website on the internet station source, look for a long time, and finally determine the use of wordpress. Upload code debugging, spent about a week my travel website finally on the line.

in the joy, I found that the essence of a website is to operate, get a good site, if there is no good to promote the operation, there is no way to get up, so I began to learn seo. Stumbled, site began to include the flow of every day can also have hundreds, each month Union Commission 200 yuan. Adhere to a year, the site itself has not been maintained. Sum up the experience: the operation and maintenance of the site is too simple.

2 Taobao guest – the real way to get rich

In fact, Taobao

off for a long time, but it will be because often go to some Webmaster Platform kantie, Taobao know customer is not very good, especially to get off the Taobao website, so it has not been doing. Later on the Internet to meet a friend, with his help, I began to do Taobao guest, the attempt to let me taste the sweetness. He taught me the way is to use QQ promotion, because the relationship between the technology is not rumored, here I do not know, we are interested can contact me to understand. Now every day I do Taobao customers will probably have more than 50 dollars, when hundreds of good, but more tired, this method does not promote the basic is not traded, while the sun Slide Show


3 summary

There are a lot of opportunities to make money online

, but also has many pitfalls, this 2 years experienced a lot, although not rich, but I think at least I hope here, thanks to the A5 forum, where I learned a lot of knowledge, but also know a lot of friends. Reprint of the original Sina blog, which has my contact information, welcome to exchange learning! Http://blog.sina.com.cn/s/blog_e4a73b750101egen.html

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