network for the layman money through the network is indeed a very fantastic thing, what are the following on with your summary of the network to make money. I think this way to make money online estimates will give you no small revelation, perhaps you will have to resign and invest in the idea of making money online.

1, depending on the blog or website to make money

One of the best ways to make money online is to build a web site or blog that earns money by advertising and selling products or services to

. There are many types of money making blogs, you need to choose a style that matches your interests, plans, and technical level. A simple blog only through the use of paid blog sites, at least a month can earn hundreds of dollars.

2, learning alliance marketing, master sales skills

sales refers to the promotion of a particular product or service, when the customer in your recommendation to buy goods, then you can get a commission. Affiliate marketing is a large profitable industry, covering a range of topics and related fields. If you are interested in fitness, you can make money by promoting fitness videos or classes. In fashion, you can recommend a friend to work in a fashion company through a distribution alliance, and draw on it. How much money you make depends on what you sell, and if everything works, affiliate marketing will be the best way to make money online.

3, to create an online career bar

set up its own online business or company to make a profit by selling your special services or products. Popular online trade, including: web design, advertising copy writing, the Internet market, such as the beginning of the business is very difficult to recruit the right candidates, but also have sufficient knowledge and the relationship between the industry.

4, domain name trading and online real estate transactions

this is to buy, sell, develop domain names to make money, a domain name owner to buy a lot of domain names, and then sell the domain name to other interested buyers, which is similar to the real estate transactions under the line. Domain owners also rely on the development of the site, and then sold to buyers to make money.

this kind of behavior is called the reselling site, if you know how to set up an attractive and profitable website, so this method can let you mercilessly pulled a. Want a rough estimate of how much money the reselling site, on the SitePoint Marketplace to see it.

5, join the ranks of paid sites

There are a lot of paid sites on the

web site, which allows you to receive mail, do research, try to register and browse web pages. The websites that pay you to complete your registration are usually made by drawing.

The advantage of

paid sites is that you do not need to have their own website or any personal technology, the drawback is that there are many online fraud in this area, to find a legitimate website may be difficult to pay. You should go

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