Wangzhuan today is the most popular model to make money, but this money mode also need to accumulate some experiences and skills, in fact, there are many Wangzhuan inside the industry unspoken rule, which is why some people in the industry failed to Wangzhuan, here I share with you five people must know the unspoken rule in Wangzhuan:

: study hard Wangzhuan skills, accumulate experience of others

in Wangzhuan, regardless of how much money they can make people a month, is the most important in the network to find some successful experiences, repeated reading, learning some Wangzhuan skills, this is the most important task for some Wangzhuan newcomers. At the same time to add some Wangzhuan group, in order to facilitate the timely communication with others and learning, but not too much to ask people how much money, this is a taboo in Wangzhuan more appropriate, to understand their successful experience, and accumulated and summarized, so as to facilitate the development of their own in the wangzhuan.

two: open their own Wangzhuan channel

There are a variety of Wangzhuan information on the

network, this information should be good at discovering the differences, so only information for profit. The cyber source is usually should be kept secret, because people know more, profits will be lower, and no profit, resulting in their first discovered Wangzhuan project ended in failure, this is not a waste of time and energy in vain. So to seize resources like Wangzhuan can open up a channel of their own wangzhuan.

three: divergent thinking for

Wangzhuan own model

a lot of people in order to promote their own Wangzhuan site, usually in some group or forum advertising fell off the assembly line, have to say this is a way to promote the fastest, but the consequence is to make other people feel disgusted, and even some people will pull you into the blacklist, to see it from the long-term perspective of Wangzhuan is disadvantageous, so learn to innovative thinking, to find their own Wangzhuan mode, not to steal the fruit.

four: to develop a good habit of silence

don’t be too much to ask the relevant information of other Wangzhuan personnel, this is the new must abide by the rules, some people are always curious about others Wangzhuan site, you may be out of the attitude of learning to understand others, but for some successful Wangzhuan webmaster, this is in competition with them online resources, so that must develop a good habit of a silent, to be good at observation, explore the success of others.

five: treat your competitors

human resources are the most valuable resources in Wangzhuan industry, so we must hold friendly attitude towards work on the same project or the same Wangzhuan Wangzhuan career, so that we can better develop their own Wangzhuan circle, to obtain the approval of others, at the same time will get more people to cooperate with you so, you get more higher profits.

now Wangzhuan resources is very rich, for the individual to.

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