I think Wangzhuan there are three modes: sell advertising, selling services, selling products. Most of the people who engage in Wangzhuan are selling advertising, and many are limited to sell advertising, I said advertising refers to advertising alliance in their own Wangzhuan advertising on the site to remuneration and sell some advertising on the station. This model make the most tired, although able to earn money to feed themselves, but will not actually do Wangzhuan long-term goals, we should advocate easy to do wangzhuan.

Wangzhuan classic article after the road network will choose to sell products, the modern economic society, buying and selling is the best way to make money, this is common sense, big boss cars, are sold in the sales, are selling their own products, this is the highest realm of money.

besides Wangzhuan is the core of the network marketing, advertising is just as product promotion means, we all know that CCTV advertising is very expensive, a few seconds to display on the millions, but we think advertisers sell products is much higher than the advertising fees, so that sell products became Wangzhuan classic article the website should choose Wangzhuan after a long road.

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