from the beginning of last year, Baidu no longer stable, I bear in June 22nd K, but did not withstand the August 25th purge, but I still insist, insist on about half a year, the site is still unable to recover! Even a little signs of recovery are not, then, decided to enter the Taobao industry. How I do a monthly income of 5000? Not much else to say, first, there are only the truth.


pre supply problems

this is a very important source, if you don’t choose well, you will be more effective, profit drops greatly, the country as far as I know, Hangzhou, Guangzhou, is probably the source area of Dongguan is relatively cheap (specifically to women), but Hangzhou is too far away from Guangzhou, I’m close, so alone run go to Guangzhou, rent a room, run the broadband, then went to a variety of wholesale stalls to see the goods, involves much skill here is not to explain.

why did I choose

We all know that

‘s competition is very large, but for me, there is no competition there is no progress, so I must choose to dress, if I dress well, since they need to set up shop in other industries will be difficult to do? A product is cooked, another product will ease. So I chose to do women’s clothing, the fact that my choice is correct, because I have now made money.

why choose Guangzhou

I am in Shenzhen, in addition to close to Guangzhou because of the choice of Guangzhou, there are some important reasons, the price of the product and the cost of delivery. I checked on the net, in some Alibaba purchase clothes cheaper than I go to stalls the goods are expensive 4-10 yuan, mainly because I do low-grade women, so a little difference can be deadly. The 100 thing is 400-1000 there is no profit, so this is one of the reasons I chose Guangzhou, another reason is to express, because there is too many people in the fashion, so the logistics industry is very developed, far out of your delivery price of your imagination, a large amount of time, the National Post only 5 yuan


webmaster birth benefits

I’m a webmaster, I speak for myself, but I do Taobao. Because I am a webmaster, so I have the skills of the general webmaster, what web design, what PS software use, has been used very skilled, buckle map is small. So, shop decoration this step is very simple to get the. Taobao SEO? In fact, with the site’s SEO optimization is not much difference, but Taobao is very important, do not pile up keywords. Then is to study the user search words, do not have to search a large amount, just accurate.

late earnings

if you sell 100 things a day, you

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