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what ambition, also is to earn the advertising expenses through Google alliance, Google alliance because of relatively low threshold, as long as you can apply for an account to the relevant code in each site, as long as someone clicks, you can receive money, this should be more convenient than Baidu promotion, Baidu a promotion code can only be used for a website is not easy and we have several webmaster! Here is what I do is to write out the Google alliance

to share with you!

: the first to apply for an account, that was three years ago to apply for, because often at night no matter what, so he made a trade forum, the domain name is also an old name, the site after I uploaded a lot of relevant industry information to members of the free download, Google a week from my website, and then I began to apply for an account, the ad code on the


two: the correct choice of advertising position, since it is in order to get more hits, so the location of the advertisement delivery is very important, Google can make a web page of three ad units, two search unit, a link unit and recommended units, according to the statistics of Google alliance advertising rectangular 336×280 Click on an advertisement is the highest, so I just below the forum home page banner ads put a rectangular advertising two side-by-side, and set the font color for advertising, advertising and articles to form a unified whole


three: the collection of Google union advertising, in fact, this is also the need for certain professional knowledge, otherwise it is not easy to receive $Oh, usually in your account is $10, Google will send you a PIN code, and then put the PIN code in the background, then your account is really effective, when when your account is $100, Google will be the official payment to you, specific how to operate all to see Google alliance to help


is my application for Google alliance through, but we may pay more attention to how fast I earn money, you may think I’m cheating with a lot of Google alliance click on the software, but unfortunately, I don’t have any cheating experience, there is only one earth, just do stand experience, I run the website three years, every day is a website content update, find some high quality sites do some hypertext links, and then write some soft to the website submission, I slowly website revenue more up, can be stabilized at about 400 dollars a month, when I my friends say help me click on the ads, I also stopped, I only insist on is not cheating, trying to do


so when I heard that certain software can ensure the click will not be found, but not make compensation package, I will leave quietly, maybe you can cheat to temporarily, may let Google lost a month for two months for the money, but then your account was banned, the previous efforts are as nothing. When you think of this a few months to earn money is The loss outweighs the gain. so in three years. "

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