method introduced today for Taobao is doing guest friends or know little about the SEO, a web site promotion friend is very easy to understand, the method is relatively simple, but very effective, not only can be used in the promotion of Taobao guest website, promotion can also be used for any website or products, mainly in the following Taobao guest website as an example talk about the specific operation method, and according to the requirements to promote what promote what.

Taobao customer wants to make money, no doubt the following two categories: one is by true skill, that is familiar with web site promotion, SEO optimization knowledge and skills, put your keywords through SEO technology, rapid optimization to Baidu home page, this kind of person belongs to wisdom; another one is to do the toil. Is the repetition of the forums, blog and other hard to post every day, water everywhere, there will be some harvest. This kind of person belongs to hard work.

if the above two types of people attributed to a class of people, then Taobao customers may double the money. Technology + effort = greater harvest.

below to understand the knowledge associated with it, Baidu drop-down box and Baidu search. See directly through the figure will understand:


Baidu drop-down box


Baidu search

believe that we have had this search experience, search a keyword, it will automatically come out a lot of related words. So Baidu search keywords and related keywords drop how to appear? Talk briefly about the current situation, let the keywords appear either by software or buy traffic brush, in fact is through the method of cheating brush drop-down box or related to Taobao search, Baidu search you brush drop-down or related search, there are a lot of people do this business can make keywords up, mainly depends on your search principle must be true IP, at least let Baidu thought that every day there are so many people really in search of the word, if there are a lot of people go to Baidu search for the word every day, then a few days later this keyword will appear in Baidu search in the drop-down box or related. But rely on software or buy traffic brush keywords need to adhere to the long-term job, maybe today you brush up tomorrow, do not brush will be squeezed out. But today I want to say is not to rely on software and buy traffic to brush, but rely on our efforts to hand to complete, so that the effect will be more durable, the site is also very strong visibility.

uses this method requires that you first have a condition: your site keywords have appeared in the Baidu home page top, it is recommended that you in the site before we must first identify your keywords, in order to promote the Joyoung Soybean Milk machine as an example, general website key word to set 3-4, specific titles such as "Joyoung Soybean Milk machine Joyoung Soybean Milk, official website, Joyoung Soybean Milk a, Joyoung Daquan network", the title if arranged in Baidu index, the most difficult to optimize the words in front of the most easily optimized >

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