lead: the wind came, pigs can fly? Look at this 3 teenager who how to use the Internet and arrogant financial integration.

at the end of the Qing Dynasty, when Emperor Yuan Shikai sent in the completely unexpected way station training, the first established China army modernization at the same time, for the next few decades China warlords began planting the seeds, even during the war, the government has many constraints for the formation of factions of warlords.

to the country, small to an industry, due to the humble details, the formation of a huge butterfly effect. Look at the Internet industry, each of the leading companies in the mature industry, are deeply branded with the imprint of the founder, and the entire industry has formed a huge guide, influence or even contain. Borrow "sword" in a speech: the army’s first chief, gave an army unique temperament.

the wind is coming, the pigs can fly?

2013, the balance of treasure of the fiery quickly the people’s attention focus, the Internet banking industry especially the instantaneous P2P warming, not only won the favor of capital, but also attracted a large number of entrepreneurs have joined.

P2P net loan platform in China, the first rise in 2007, entered a rapid development period in 2011, the number of net loan platform in the country soared to more than 2000 in 2012, more active there are more than and 400. After entering in 2013, the number of net loan platform is still an average daily rate of rapid growth of 1-2 home. According to the third party statistics show that in April of this year, included in the statistical range of 430 furniture representative P2P net loan platform total turnover of about $11 billion 200 million.

and NPC and CPPCC during this year, Premier Li Keqiang pointed out in the government work report, to promote the healthy development of Internet banking, improve financial supervision and coordination mechanism, close monitoring of cross-border capital flows, hold no systemic and regional financial risks. Let finance become a pool of living water, better watering small and micro enterprises, three rural and other real economy tree.

indeed, the progress of the times requires a forerunner. The river becomes warm in spring ducks, many entrepreneurs will already smell sensitive tentacles in the field. However, for these entrepreneurs, most will choose their own business as a breakthrough: learning or research, or the business process more familiar, and then look for partners, set up the team, entered the ranks of business.

"sword" had a line: the army’s first chief, gave an army unique temperament. In the Internet financial business also has some maverick, they are often not in accordance with the rules, or leaving countless students the envy of the elite, or give up the original comfortable life and only a dream round of youth, there are people actually give up state-owned enterprise establishment, stable number of decent millions or even higher salary. Even at risk to convince your boss do poineering work together.

wind came, pigs can fly? How will the Internet and teenager and proud "

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