always very busy, they do sometimes have to help a friend get the station a station, these days just idle, just in the online shopping, see some phenomena, to share the SEO beginner friends here.

a lot of people are concerned about how to build the chain, how to write the original article, how to make money. Many people put money in Taobao, SEO limited customer orders, write the article above, his tired also did not make money, every day in the forum or other places to complain, blind to participate in the training or the whole day to collect relevant SEO tutorial, his befogged, will never go to practice theory. This is not SEOER, you do not even SEO door into it.

way of thinking to determine the reverse thinking to make money (from the user point of view)

You have to consider the site’s profit model is what

station (on a CPA, CPC, CPM, or selling services, selling, real) around the direction of profitability to understand potential users where the potential user’s behavior, and then consider how the website architecture, finally the potential users into your site in order to achieve the transformation, all from the user perspective, collect user behavior, good user experience.

do a traffic station than you go to work a lot stronger

, for example: Baidu Fengyun second: Qingming Festival holiday arrangements 2012


statistics from 2012-02-27 to Baidu 2012-03-26 out of the index, the word average daily 50000 or so users to search

search results in the Baidu search box


these two stations are using top-level domain name to do, although the word index is very large, but the competition is not so high. In this focus on the mall101 this station, why say it? I think this station on the right side of the ad to do quite accurate, and the current description of the content is very relevant, can evoke the user’s hidden meaning to click.


Mail101 the station profitable way: Baidu Google AD + advertising + pop rough estimate of this site traffic in about 9000 by thousand impressions to count, so will the benefits: Baidu press thousand impressions to pay is 9*4=36 Google advertising is accurate according to the normal 25% people per click price 0.06 yuan 2250*0.06=135 pop ads 4.5*9=40.5 "is a popular word, this past month is not what people search, but this is more than a month can earn about ten thousand more than work.

on the Internet using SEO technology to make money there are a lot of ideas to relax

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