is now the largest number of webmaster, in the station before, will consider such a problem, how to make money on my site? Taobao guest site to answer is very simple, I was born to make money. It is because of this, he does not hesitate to enter the Taobao customer in this industry, opening the network to make money tour.

into the industry, the real experience, the original idea is very simple, as long as their own efforts to do, you can make money. An impulsive idea, without careful planning and marketing strategy, to hold the attitude of website, people can not be optimistic about the prospects, because thousands of Taobao guest website, do not go do not know, this competition is fierce, want to do a good job not only is a kind of feeling can, efforts even more than their own imagination.

from 2008 to now, has experienced four years of ups and downs, precipitation, experience, not only for the Taobao guest website, also has a general direction of website operation, website below about the profit mode and the webmaster to share, of course, to do their own Taobao guest website as an example, in fact, understand the Internet operation, the application of this method in any website, as well, we have only one objective, that is to make money.

I want to say, on the Internet site to make money, characteristics of each site in each industry are not the same, according to the investment funds, owners in the background, forces the operation mode of the website are not the same, the group purchase website, group purchase website will not profit a lot, but through public financing, capital heavyweights management consciousness we can not see, a lot of small sites are not listed, while Taobao guest Yisifumu, but still not listed, people did not understand, but it can not stop the pace of is to make money, like not show Guo Degang, not necessarily must wait until the listing to make money on the Spring Festival, not necessarily to fame


the first choice of Taobao off site, a large number of competitors in Baidu casually take"… A good brand of "the word to use Baidu Search, the first page appears basically is Taobao guest website, page second, and after a few pages of this kind of website is, the more intense competition in the industry, more business opportunities, not to mention the Taobao customer profitability is very simple, as long as the seller of goods sold for a single, get a commission, now some single product sales of Taobao is in thousands of units, who hold a commodity sales promotion, is one thousand or even million, Taobao customer profit, I do not have to say, you can count out.

Taobao guest website, you have to take into account the profitability of a number of factors: online shopping users, shut up a pro mouth a pro seller, as well as the site itself. How to coordinate these three factors, we are pleased to be really happy, Taobao customers have to promote the results of the site, online shopping user satisfaction, Taobao sellers have a certain degree of dependence on your promotion…… If the Taobao customer profit set a program, then, three factors are met, the program can run normally, in order to ensure sustainable development.


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