I think we all know what is called the third party blog. The third party blog platform is similar to the Sina blog, and the blog and blog like bus. The advantage of using the third party blog is as follows: three.

first, most of the third party blog can put ads

is now 90% of the third party blog to our ads, such as blogs, blog and so on the bus, some can not direct advertising as we can directly add links to traffic conversion.

two, the third party blog weight is high, conducive to SEO

I think sina is the best. I have been tested in the Sina blog articles on the fastest one hour was included in Baidu, Baidu and Sina can see how good the relationship.

three, do not need to invest in space domain names, zero cost

what do we get from a third party blog? A free, high – weight, two – level domain name and a stable server that doesn’t cost us money. Oh, I think we all know that investment is equivalent to an increase in income. Since the third party blog has such a good advantage then how do we use it?

way: SEO do GG. Is actually very simple, every day to collect some related articles to the blog, your blog will soon be included in Baidu, of course, if you have a high hit rate as template is better, can look at my blog template is how to set the.

method two: with the space tool to do promotion. Now want to each other on the Sina blog and QQ space for each step, and the blog group on the tool too much. We have a high degree of temptation nickname and blog name, so it can attract a lot of traffic. Used to do promotion is better. After all, we don’t need to do it manually.

the above two methods are the most basic way to use the profit of the third party blog. Novice friends can try to use this way, after all, zero cost, huh. This article first address: Bird @ old Thai official blog http://s.www.laotai.info/archives/36.html. Welcome to free reprint, but please indicate the copyright reprint.

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