if this is the first time you see this article, please from the "idle idle: from 100 yuan to 1 million of the road" and "one of the series of idle idle: from 100 yuan to 1 million road serial two" and "idle idle: from 100 yuan to 1 million road serial three" beginning, so and you will have a continuous understanding.

a lot of people after reading the first three chapters, said that in fact did not explain what, if you are to hold this attitude to look at something, you’ll earn less than 1 million, the success is actually the change of attitude, when you change the way of thinking, the money is a number. Most estimates at 100 yuan to 1 million, wanted to see a lot of practical resources, you may want to use the toes,? Of course, I was given a suggestion, if such a mentality, really better get 100 dollars to buy lottery tickets, the probability of 1 million for your own is more feasible some.

a lot of people say that some of these materials do not understand, it is because they did not look carefully, anything more than a few times will be able to understand, after all, these materials are all chinese. Maybe some data is a bit ahead, after all, now the tutorial series today is fourth, but is not to say that you cannot read a lot of things, not I must teach you to do, after all, I just write my things, do not understand is your thing, then put it bluntly in fact, you can’t see me without any relationship.

now continued period about the content analysis, when you can like me, doing N garbage station at the same time, serious business at least one station, more than one station of course I run, at least one station, daily updated manual renewal, write their own, but at least on something is your digestion, so your station will gradually flow. In fact, I personally think that when a novice will not do anything, BLOG is the best choice, even if you do not have anything, always write a diary.

when you put a station to a certain extent, will give you the following harvest:

you will have the weight of the station, you can invest their own money to advance.

large flow is not our original purpose, so do not go too far to optimize, update, engage in the chain, etc., Google seconds to be included, and then slowly start.

seconds after the collection, you can slowly engage in a number of traffic words to optimize, said in front, we have to recover the cost, can not afford to spend time and money on the above.

finally remember, whenever you do not act with undue haste.

do the above, you must be a few stations, half a year later, can be in good stead, and the cost will be paid back, can even earn money, spend not much time.

even, six months, a year later, the station has become a weight station, everything is possible, depending on how your intentions, intentions >

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