distinguished Ali alliance publisher:

in order to ensure the integrity of cooperation and YAHOO for publishers to legitimate rights and interests, to establish a fair and equitable cooperation platform, hereby announced YAHOO for products on the specification, please partner in accordance with the norms on bidding YAHOO products.

1,     on bidding YAHOO products from the website function button, including the download button, click the play from the page, etc. (a distance of more than 15 pixels);

2,     YAHOO bidding code for the launch of the user’s behavior with obvious interference in the blank;

3,     game or audio and video playback when there are YAHOO bidding products;

4,     YAHOO bidding code display incomplete;

5,     YAHOO bidding code in the page in addition to advertising without any substance;

6,     a page from different accounts, different sites YAHOO bidding code;

7,     YAHOO bidding code automatically refresh page;

8,     a floating, pop effect or other special display effect on bidding YAHOO code;

9,     hidden YAHOO bidding products: the webmaster may open the interface by JS or other means to hide or open the screen, the user can not see after the click of the YAHOO auction product interface;

10, in the vicinity of the location of the YAHOO auction products, the emergence of induced language, such as "please click on the ads to support the site", "click on the ads can be downloaded" and "click on the ads after the registration of members", etc.;

11, YAHOO will be put in a code auction sites with illegal content, such as pornography, gambling, violence station station all countries banned content sites, as well as the influence of the brand image of the YAHOO auction site.

due to the interests of customers and YAHOO for reputation, please cooperate with all partners in the implementation of the provisions of this.


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