haven’t published an article, published an article today decided the most valuable articles, but this is my two years of experience no matter how Wangzhuan, feel you comment on this article, I just want to help people more clear understanding of Wangzhuan industry.

as a more senior webmaster Wangzhuan in industry, I experienced the primary Wangzhuan (including money, money, money, voting registration survey money etc.), intermediate (website advertisement alliance Wangzhuan money), senior Wangzhuan (Electronic Commerce) etc. in the Wangzhuan mode, second intermediate Wangzhuan, earn most of the monthly average of 3000 yuan. Now in order to provide some valuable information online.

The following

analysis on the three kinds of Wangzhuan mode.

said the first primary Wangzhuan mode

primary Wangzhuan is the most simple network to make money, this does not need what technology, what does not need sophisticated tools, as long as it is normal to normal use of office software can do. In this mode, there is no shortage of the month earns thousands of people need the primary Wangzhuan is time and energy input mode. The following analysis, how to make money in the end is a kind of model?

first, just contact Wangzhuan rookie, must have this kind of idea, others can make money, I can make money. In the interests of this driven, people begin their new Wangzhuan Wangzhuan Road, spend a lot of time for a click, fill in the form, do research, however, struggled for a month, half a year or even nothing, gradually lose confidence, and even despair of wangzhuan. This is very normal, this is not a way to make money to get it, and his unique model is offline mode. But the biggest losers fail to understand this pattern, no experience in pull off the assembly line, but not what the scientific method, and they are not those who have the ability of on-line simply takes the scientific model to make money and tell him.

second, the primary mode of making money is somewhat similar to network marketing, but it is essentially different from the network marketing. Network marketing is a speculative fraudulent investment method, you join network marketing need to invest some money, without any real in this manner, even virtual items are not, just at a level in the bottom for the development of offline offline money. While the primary money is not a way of investment, through the primary Wangzhuan, you need to pay, and advertisers have provided funds to you, this is a kind of full pay and physical transaction mode.

third, Wangzhuan master who has its own website, this is the highest level of primary Wangzhuan stage, is also the best way to pull off the assembly line, some webmaster Wangzhuan monthly income of up to 10000 yuan. For how to build a website, how to build a website, this requires a certain knowledge of computer software knowledge. You can search online, how to build a website.

and website model to make money

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