what is the exact meaning of Wangzhuan Wangzhuan?, it should be on the network to make money. The premise of all Wangzhuan must be formal legal. At present there are 5 main categories: Wangzhuan site, Taobao, Taobao, open bidding, customer training. How do these categories make money, let’s take a look at.

a website. This method is the longest and most common, that is, through the construction of the site, providing a wealth of content to earn traffic, selling advertising to sell services, the proportion of money is proportional to the flow of your site. The most typical is the door a few sites, such as Sina, 163, Sohu and so on, and the site most cattle B individual stationmaster is the head of www.hao123.com, it was sold to Baidu in 50 million the price.

two, Taobao. First of all, a brief look at what is a Taobao guest. A network of Taobao Taobao is helping customers occupation sellers to sell things with royalty, the more things you help sellers to sell, you get the corresponding Commission is also higher, with the reality that a truth commission sales. Taobao is in recent years relatively simple fire Wangzhuan project, simple to can not have a website, as long as you take a special connection, everywhere, as long as there are people in your connection bought something your account will have money. But now more and more people are involved, the competition is becoming more and more fierce.

three, Taobao shop. Taobao shop is higher, the most simple method, Taobao shop is completely free, you can not spend a penny to have a network of shops own. Sign up for a Taobao account, Alipay open, upload 10 goods shop, you can become a shopkeeper. The key factor in making money is your store’s reputation and popularity.

four, bidding. The auction, said bluntly that the investment in the search engine keyword advertising to make money selling products. Baidu and Google. Its profit model is charged by bidding advertisers advertising to profit, whose advertising costs higher priority to who advertising in the first row, click on the ads are a Baidu received a fee, no charge at. Everybody to Baidu search under the key words, display in the search results of the column and the right column is the price of advertising, every time you click, advertisers have to pay an advertising fee to Baidu. So much advertising, this wants to see you this advertising products to sell how much profit space, such as software stocks, sell a profit of several thousand, that his advertising spend time there may be several blocks, that is to say, you just click Help Baidu earned 1 dollars. This is the same as the CCTV ad. The advertising people, through the sale of products to make huge profits.

five, training. The network in a variety of training programs is also fast, here is not to introduce all kinds of. Training mainly depends on whether you can provide what others need most, which reflects your value. Want to do a good job training has two conditions, one is that you do have the ability to make money for others, and the two is that you have to come up with the principles of life to do training

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