blog to make money for me to earn a lot of money, I’ll tell you this method. Hope you can like

first: blog select

we choose the best choice in the blog blog bus, because this blog bus can customize the template, it is very convenient to use.

we do the template when the best content and advertising are very prominent, so that people at a glance.

second: product selection

I am in the selection of products is a number of men like things, which we all understand, this is based on our content to define it.

we choose what kind of products to be consistent with the content of our blog is better.

third: content added

For example, male

products, my choice is to choose some kind of health website content, collected do not do what the pseudo original, direct can be put up, when we add the content of our initial best not to add the content of advertising that will be brought to the risk of the title. And we have to choose to add content, do not add dew point or the contents of national politics, which can not be put on the.

we add the content of the best time to apply for a 5-6 blog to link up our content in this way is conducive to the collection. And it’s easy for the viewer to click.

fourth: ad add

advertising on the selection of our best choice that people are easy to accept, to buy the products, this will bring good results, I is to buy their own products they sell, ha ha that are reusable products, such as video, e-books, which is cheap and easy to sell. But also can immediately receive the money, is a very good choice oh. I bought this kind of re-use of products, and then Taobao shop to sell their own, and then use these blogs to attract traffic, really very effective.

fifth: blog series mass

after we do the above steps we have to give our blog bring good traffic, we should register for various high PR blog to our blog advertising to do such drainage, earnings will be higher. I bought in the A5 blog group software worked very well, which with the series, ha ha, but registration is easy, when we finished our registered blog bus inside the content added to the bottom of the other blog posts. Do not add in the content, so there is no effect, the best content of each article title is very attractive, so that visitors will pay attention to it.

these are some small money blogging I summed up the method, is actually a small product auction, then buy 5 hair products to sell now, there are people who buy 1 yuan, ha ha.

and earn a lot of money, I hope no money can be friends

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