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business, a close call. The following is a summary of the author may encounter in the process of entrepreneurship, partnership, etc., turn the spoils to disband the law. To comment, entrepreneurship is not easy, let me see and cherish.

but at present in the society you can see all nine students dead, see is Jobs, Rebs, Subs, he, a successful entrepreneur IPO aura side magnify, therefore mask every day in the high streets and back lanes are closed down in bankruptcy was the failure of people.

so, your eyes, is eyeful of success, and use this kind of success has nothing to do with you to motivate yourself, this is the most terrible is the most sad.


success has nothing to do with you, either, or learning experience, what others can do, your hands may not be able to do, in other words, if the Alibaba now give you a market value of nearly billion, to your hand, you may one month will play it bankrupt. Once again I remind you that some success has nothing to do with you.

entrepreneurship, in fact, not to get rich, but in order to do a thing, is a process of life experience, rather than the success or failure of the process.

business, first can think what will happen after the failure, but the greater the chance of success.

business, never think about the failure of entrepreneurs, basically, not far ahead is the failure of pit waiting for him.

if you think of entrepreneurship as a project of inspiration, then congratulations, you can die honorably. And if you think of entrepreneurship as a system engineering, it is not a wealth oriented, but to sublimate their own lives to complete a thing oriented, then such entrepreneurs have a little meaning.

business, a person is difficult to succeed. Therefore, the partnership must be.

but throughout the history of world civilization, all forms of partnership (underworld or Revolutionary Alliance or gangster or politician, or) to the end, not a finish basically, more tragic is that after the partnership to make the world success in fruit, this link row seat, it happened father and son, husband and wife become enemies, various enemies fratricide bloody events.

In fact, you look at the story of

ershisishi, killing each other after there is a variety of partnership failure cannibalism and the success of the revolution, the story continues today.

, when Dajiangshan, can be attributed to the category of people; people, when divided into the landscape, must be assigned to this category in the beast, two. A good time to look at a bad time to look at. Then you can break down the human and the animal.

in fact, everyone could become a beast, just time not to, not to, not to the interests of emotion.

so, in order not to venture into the beast because. Then do "avoid" before the partnership

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