the income model of the website alliance is usually divided into: CPM, CPC, CPS, CPA, etc.. Usually do traffic is relatively easy to click. CPS and CPA are relatively difficult to do.

      CPS focus is to do a good job of precision marketing, and CPA not only to do a good job, but also to grasp the means.

      due to the introduction of the Qunar section of the holiday product channel, the product model and suppliers have a higher demand for registered users. Therefore, the two months of the CPA experience summed up the 12, to share with you:

      from the beginning of the site, it is necessary to provide user registration and mail subscription

      this sentence: good understanding into McDonald’s and KFC, from the door handles to the trash from the cashier to clean the toilet paper on duty table "show is everywhere" – you see that you are not into McDonald’s, KFC.


      1, priority position. The registration box is placed in a prominent position on your home page, preferably on the "off screen" – meaning that the first screen is visible without scrolling. Registration box graphics and placement must be placed on a high priority;

      2, repeated style sheet. Place a registration form on each page of your site. For example, put a registration form at the bottom of each article, so that when the reader has the next action, you can quickly catch them;

      3, a basic point. Today’s information overload. To explain the benefits of registration from the function, features, and a new in order to be different manifestations;

      4, a lure fruit. Send an ebook, offer a discount coupon, give a contest to get iPhone – these are the added value to your registered users;

      5, mouse transmission force. When registering, tell your users to encourage their friends to sign up. You can give a reader to forward the page, with the integration mechanism, incentive mechanism, etc., to encourage users to forward to his friends;

      offline activities do not forget the user registration subscription

      "the first travel search engine awards ceremony" from Qunar to the "Eye>" in Shanghai

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