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website profit model to introduce the following: including advertising, membership fees, project recommendation, joining fees, engage in the activities of the sponsorship fee, etc. some of the profit model, the profit is the most direct advertising, now most of the sites are relying on advertising revenue. So how should we make a website to make money?

a, planning website

content theme selection is very important, the success of a web site design, to a large extent depends on the attractiveness of the site content; a site must have a clear theme. Especially for personal website, you may not like the website do content large, cover and contain everything. You do not have this ability, but also do not have this energy, it is necessary to identify the most interested in their own content, do deep, do thoroughly, do their own characteristics, so as to give the user a deep impression.

two, collect materials

clear the theme of the site, you will start around the theme of the collection of materials. As the saying goes: "one can’t make bricks without straw". In order to make their sites to attract users, true to life, you should try to collect materials, to collect more material, after making web sites more easily. The material can not only from books, newspapers, multimedia CD-ROM, come on, also can be collected from the Internet, then put the collected materials Qucuqujing, Quweicunzhen, as to produce their own web material.

three, domain name:

is the first registered domain name. Domain name registration.Com (international domain name) and.Cn (domestic domain name) is appropriate, the domain name is best not too long, and there is a certain significance, easy to remember, right now the domain name has not much, you can use the flexible combination of numbers, English words, Pinyin, the domain name before and after adding I E, OK, Hao, 51, 88, 163, etc., can be a flexible combination of many good domain name. You can go to check to be able to register, look at the immediately shot!

four, apply for a virtual host:

general site selection is about 150m-300m virtual host can be. Buy virtual host to consider several aspects: service, stability, access speed. Finally, a virtual host should pay attention to the speed, if your customers or potential visitors to the north, then you can choose Netcom room space, mainly South, is the first thing to consider for the national telecommunications space. It should choose the intelligent double line host recommended recommended: webmaster. Network:

five, making web pages

if there are conditions, make friends, do it yourself, or take the time to learn can! This is a difficulty for the beginner, novice, one can start to do that package, if it is to buy online shop on the selection of their packages, on the use of personal website package, Forum Forum >

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