30, 2009, Alibaba Group officially announced the acquisition of the famous classified information website word of mouth network, the purchase price of more than $40 million. Internet industry in Rongcheng, told reporters that, like word of mouth network classification information website has become a new hot spot of Internet investors sought after.

so, now in Rongcheng building materials, living site market saturation, what website good money? Experts said that now do classification information website is a choice. The reporter was informed that this was buying the "word-of-mouth network", is actually a localized "eat, live, play" the life of the community, publish all kinds of information of each local city life, this kind of website is one of the most sought after website currently. Because the classification of information publishing site belongs to a media release platform, when the user reaches a certain number, the site can be charged to the merchant information release. It is understood that some local portals in the classification of information in terms of income can reach one million yuan a year. When the user reaches a certain scale, the site can also be derived from a variety of profit model.

however, several Rongcheng has rich experience in network personal webmaster advice to investors, such as classified information website, the accumulation of popularity is the priority among priorities, whether it can attract the attention of netizens is the key to the future can be profitable. So, this site started absolutely can not charge, but also in the release of large amounts of information to avoid false information, therefore, it is a test of investor’s money and power. (reporter Jianghai)

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