Taobao off from now until now has been more than 3 years, a variety of ways to promote Taobao customers are endless. You can send by e-mail, QQ mass, micro-blog forwarding, or site SEO to get traffic.

for many webmasters, access to traffic is not difficult, the most difficult is to get a good ranking, how to improve the conversion rate of the site, but it is a headache for the owners of the problem.

today I want to share with you to improve the conversion rate is the core of the secret is people-oriented.

what is human oriented?

think of such a situation, when you enter a website, and the website is full screen ads, you need to spend a lot of effort to find the information you need, this website is worth your nostalgia? At least I will not close the window, looking for a website to go. So the high jump rate was born. What is people-oriented, your site can provide users with valuable information, your site can be very convenient for users to find the information they need. Your site is not just a website, but a time to help users solve the problem of close friends, in fact, do stand is equal to life.

how people-oriented?

1 template friendly

Before the

website is open to visitors, put your site to a few of your friends, tell him I see a website today, what do you think? Remember, don’t tell your friends this website, this is advantageous in makes the correct judgment of your friends. If every friend says yes, then your template is good. If there are a lot of people say no, then you can only prove that the aesthetic problems, need to be modified, or directly to the template bar. Only the template is beautiful, visitors are interested in your site to stay longer.

2 classification clear

The classification of

website is like a person’s facial features. Clear classification of site if a delicate facial beauty, people will be able to see your strengths. The classification of Web site should be general and thematic. Do not appear similar to the meaning of the classification, it is best to illustrate the theme of the site from all aspects. For example, the theme of the site is to lose weight, then the classification is a way to lose weight, weight loss products, weight loss diary, success stories. Do not appear in the following categories, traditional Chinese medicine slimming products, L-carnitine weight loss, weight loss coffee. The meaning of this classification is similar, the difference is not high, so that users do not click desire. Clear classification of the site to allow users to understand the desire to think about a beautiful girl and a plain looking girl, which would like to know more about it?

3 consider Title

title of the article is the face of the article, if your title novel, attractive, then the site will naturally be high PV. Often use questions, rhetorical questions, exclamatory sentences to do the title, because these desires will stimulate people

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