is lashou sanpower Group acquisition news caused widespread insiders sigh. Former boss of the group, is how to step by step beyond it, all the way up, which have been stepping on the pit



1, founder of too much emphasis on IPO, ignoring their team building.


founder Wu Bo after leaving the handle also had some reflection, he was just preparing for the IPO financing, after burn staking, did not pay attention to their own construction team. It is said that there is a time to handle the internal network to recommend a post is one, the overall quality of the staff and the ability of teamwork slowly problems.


handle network did focus on fast market goals, which also lead to handle the crazy money expansion, chaotic management and the one-sided pursuit of sales.

ignore the consequences of team building in the group purchase industry as a whole up development time is difficult to appear, and when the IPO handle setback after the team began all the disadvantages of hand exposure.

in fact, this situation in other group buying site also appeared in varying degrees. Public comment founder and CEO Zhang Tao had to reflect on: all the decisions, and employment related." Full network CEO Feng Xiaohai also gives a similar answer: "no matter what you want to come back more anxious, as the company’s CEO, to his focus on the team."

After 2

, IPO setback, friction

founding team and investors

as investors have strong investment liquidity pressures, so after the handle IPO setback, the dislocation of investors and the founding team vision. When the two sides on the common goal of the market after the collapse of each other’s mentality and goals have been different. This internal game seriously affected the healthy development of the handle.

so entrepreneurs should be cautious about investment, the United States has been the king of the group said, entrepreneurship should be a self financing thing, rather than just burn money investors." At this stage, the founder must grasp the rhythm, in the direction of the two pursuit of scale and the pursuit of profit, profit to settle.

3, after the BAT has entered the board to buy, handle a little slow response

group purchase industry after thousands of war, gradually eliminated in many small and medium-sized group purchase website, then BAT also have incoming, Baidu acquisition of glutinous rice, the Tencent invested public comment, Ali shares of U.S. corporations. This time the handle should do is to find opportunities for cooperation with the giants, but they were behind the beat. Although the hand was not short of money, but did not catch the first batch to catch up with the trend of the express.

Of course, now handle and

marriage sanpower group is a very wise choice. But unlike BAT, sanpower group resources is very strong in the next line, the O2O on the way, the depth of integration, to handle.

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