this is the Tao guest so surprised? Some people will understand the Taobao store manager the generalization ability is very strong, in fact, today the topic with the generalization ability of basic detached, A5 on the promotion of the technique has published numerous articles on excellent, promotion seems to end, neither painful nor itching. I spit on the promotion, in fact there is no routine promotion at all, thinking problems ask why you can grasp. Anyway, why Taobao store manager is Taobao guest novice best tutor? Actually flow in the brain is the only guest jiumingcao, like many market Taobao store manager thinking, where every day this traffic, while ignoring the conversion rate, the number of visitors to know the sales = * conversion rate, I recently in Taobao customer data pay attention to their surprise store found 104 hits produced 73 single transaction, when I released the data post a lot of people have said I’m bragging, indeed I was surprised, but in fact the data is so.


Why does the

analysis produce such striking data:


station overall conversion rate is about 3%, while Taobao customers in more than 50% of the overall transformation, and why a shop, at the same time accurate search traffic sources, conversion of data greatly different? I think the quality of the flow can not be considered search over is the accurate flow, but also consider the nature of traffic sources, such as Taobao natural gene is low. Cause buyers to search a lot of love, then the price of PK after the purchase, the natural loss rate is very high, although he is sure to have a shopping. But I found from the external source tracking station API station, API station main traffic sources must also search engine. Search engine traffic quality is higher, there is no Taobao station search that kind of love cheap, love the serious characteristics of comparison, under normal circumstances API art is good, recommend what to buy. Here one more bit: Taobao know Taobao flow dispensers are mostly from the category, that online shopping population is divided into two kinds: one is the type of shopping is a type of demand. If the station to make full use of the category layout, click on the conversion will be particularly good.

I often see the so-called master of the post to push the product to push the profits, which we have questioned my family’s products are not linked with profits, but high-end socks, underwear. Almost everyone needs the product, the popularization of high degree, high frequency of consumption, and profits products is synonymous with breast, lose weight, are by the temptation of one-time consumption, although a single transaction profitable, but the competition, the conversion rate is completely vulnerable. Taobao manager know to segment the shop, get rid of homogenization is the only way to store the future. High end socks, underwear is also one of the 104 hits the possibility of a single transaction 73.


above is my analysis as a Taobao manager, I believe that it is the first hand data push Amoy, play network promotion play is the data, master data manager > Taobao

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