17wata.com and share with you how to choose to put mom 4 new buyers of the most appropriate advertising, pay attention to the Ali Mama friends want to know some time ago mom added 4 new buyers purchasing activities, here to analyze what kind of big buyers put more advertising to make money.

      1, a few large buyers, the webmaster choose Alipay and search advertising, the largest number. Guess why? That is because Alipay search and advertising price:


      2, click rate, overall, the group and search advertising hits are relatively high. Alipay is the lowest. 17wata.com guess why? Group advertising is probably more relaxed, there is mm "endorsement", and the text is less, concise, search billboard, relatively clear. And there are specific prizes to attract. Alipay billboard, although there are millions of awards as a selling point. However, the dark, let users do not click on desire… So advertising is also very important to optimize the point. Webmaster should pay more attention to.

      hearsay, these data are the analysis of overall Ali Mama official data do you share, you can adjust your webmaster. Don’t say it’s my secret!

      in addition, Ali mother tomorrow will be a new advertising big buyers, you can consider replacing the try. Bo in this article: Ali mother brought three good news to do the introduction of the webmaster can go to see.

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