IT Sohu news August 2nd news, foreign media recently on the failure and revival of startups for inventory, 17 typical cases were selected, with the experience and lessons from each company’s financial entrepreneurs personal emotions to other aspects of public relations crisis for people entrepreneurs.


WPMU DEV is one of the award-winning WordPress plug-in development company, has launched for WordPress, Multisite, BuddyPress and other content publishing platform for a number of outstanding plug-ins.

lessons of failure

WPMU DEV CEO James Farmer:

if you want to say is a failure if I want to, in starting a business and another founder of split shares is the most stupid thing I did (I now feel that he was perfectly acceptable in 30%, or even 25% of the shares). I did it because I thought it was the right thing to do".

What is the

doing? After 4 years, I paid the $75 thousand fee lawyers and accountants, for six consecutive months under pressure losing; I still owe a debt, but also nearly 9 years to pay off. Nevertheless, I am very happy…… I have all the equity right now, and if I’m going to bet, I’ll bet the whole thing on me and not on anyone else.

if there’s another time…… Oh, next time I’ll be the villain.

follow up

now, WPMU DEV is one of the largest traffic related sites WordPress. Although there is no investment, although experience changes early, James still allow the company to achieve profitability, his website currently has 29 employees, the number of registered users of nearly 100 thousand people.

2, Retail me Not

Retail me Not is currently one of the most popular discount coupon website. Customers can find a coupon code that can be used on mainstream e-commerce sites.

lessons of failure

Retail me co-founder Guy Not King:

in a critical period of our start-up company operations, I inadvertently inserted in all the pages of the wrong code, shielding the Google site. Fortunately, we found this problem in a day, on this day, the site traffic has dropped significantly; fortunately, the problem will soon be resolved.

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