predecessors often say that the fastest way to succeed on the network is to copy the success of others, I certainly think so, but I did not do so. After all, if a person’s power, energy, and capital is limited to what you can do what you want to operate. Of course, these can not be operated, each person’s situation is different, only the advantages of each person together to become a team, a lot of tasks can not be completed, it will become simple.

today to talk to you about my discovery, I found my first love, is to find people, but is not love to manipulate people, so I think after the more time I will share my findings, if there is a friend that I find and share good, that is my greatest encouragement the. I think I’ll go on, go on and share some of my discoveries. Let the ability of friends and interested friends can try to operate. This can be regarded as a small help to your friends.

today I want to share is related to SEO, leveraging the things. SEO if your basic skills is good, you can go to force, can be divided into a variety of leveraging. But the main thing is to mention the name. In fact, this is not difficult to understand. When Taobao guest is very popular, we are actively doing the Wangzhuan project. In the promotion of the foot. Have a lot of friends began to do. Their key words on what to choose "Taobao women’s clothing", "Taobao home page", "Taobao shopping" what, in fact, this is the name. Because these words are the words you want to want to search in Taobao shopping, so that the flow of a good ranking of the site is very large. So the Commission will be more.

in fact, this is not difficult to understand a lot of friends, but also familiar with the practice. But we may not know, because they know that a lot of people do, and we all think that this is a very direct way to make money, so that many people do so. But the real money is nothing but a good ranking in front. Why do people struggle with such fierce competition, to do everything. For newcomers, this method is flexible. We can leverage. By the name of other well-known stations, or other brands. For example, this may be related to the "red child shopping network", "Mcglaughlin shopping network" such keywords, so that the intensity of competition is much smaller, and the flow is quite large. This is just an example. Method is alive, we can find more. Look for more. If the ability to do a good job to make money keywords, if the weak ability to do SEO competitive small competition words.

well, this day is over here, the other we are all sensible, many of them are known, but some of my friends do not know, so share with words, give you more space to create their own unique ideas and methods. The next time the other talked about leveraging the method.

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