MSEDCL, Uttam Zalte, She had to leave for Ranchi on Thursday. ECR chief public spokesperson Dilip Kumar said “Union Railway Minister Mamata Banerjee has asked the Railway Board to provide all possible help to Mamata’s family members”. The compound he grew up in was now consumed by an ethereal silence.m. accompanied by several border guard police Their entrance set off a new panic A few men in Duza’s house locked the main wooden doors and climbed the stairs to a balcony where most of the males already had gathered Before joining them Duza pulled Habiba aside “Please take care of our daughter and our sons” So many people were crammed into their house by then though that Habiba soon lost track of all but one child Outside a soldier’s voice rose above the others It was Baju and he was calling on everyone to come out assuring them they would not be harmed As the minutes passed and nobody emerged the calls turned menacing and the sergeant threatened to burn the compound to the ground Several bursts of gunfire rang out and a young boy was struck in the forehead The women recoiled in horror as he lay motionless before them the back of his skull blown apart Seconds later soldiers broke down the doors and began dragging people out separating the men from the women Mothers and elderly women were ordered onto their knees Some tried to push back when troops ripped off their headscarves and tore at their clothes The soldiers first demanded their cell phones then grabbed at exposed breasts as they snatched gold earrings necklaces and wads of cash About 20 or 25 of the women — mostly attractive and young — were taken away They were never seen again The rest eventually were driven along with their children into a pair of houses on the property The soldiers bound the men’s hands behind their backs and ordered them into the dirt courtyard in front of the house where they were forced face down onto the stifling ground Most were blindfolded with masking tape or veils taken from the women A handful who tried to resist were thrown off the balcony head-first Troops started to walk across the sea of people grinding boots into their heads and beating them with rifle butts Some of the soldiers cursed their prisoners calling them dirty “kalar” a derogatory word for Muslims that is frequently used in Myanmar Duza’s brother Hossain begged for the violence to stop “Why are you doing this” he cried “Why are you tying us up” There was no answer Around noon a senior officer called a commander on his phone The officer said they had rounded up 87 men “What should we do with them” The call ended shortly afterward and the officer barked an order to his troops “Let us begin” ___ In this Saturday Nov 25 2017 photo Bodru Duza 52 demonstrates how he hid in his house when members of Myanmar’s military forces accused of massacring civilians in his village Maung Nu in Myanmar’s Rakhine State during and interview with The Associated Press in his tent in Kutupalong refugee camp in Bangladesh (AP Photo/Wong Maye-E) Duza watched through a slit in a closed window as a soldier plunged a long knife into his brother’s neck in front of their house When two of Hossain’s sons got up and tried to run soldiers opened fire Duza stepped back in shock He scrambled to an upstairs room and crawled into the only place he could think of to hide: a foot-high space under a large wooden container normally used to store rice He covered his legs with rice sacks and curled into a ball trying to disappear Outside screams like he’d never heard before reverberated across the courtyard Several soldiers hammered four-inch nails into the temples of three men on the ground with the butts of their rifles Four other men were decapitated including a prominent gray-bearded mullah Then a pair of soldiers — one was Baju — descended on her husband With two-foot-long machetes they hacked into his neck from both sides He crumpled in the dirt gagging on blood Gasping for breath Jamila stumbled toward the door She wanted to rush to his side to help him to be with him — to die But the women in the house pulled her back “You can’t go” one said as Jamila collapsed weeping “If you go out there they’ll kill all of us” While women rocked back and forth several children began praying In the courtyard they could hear people begging for their lives “Please Allah” Please help us” “We’re dying” When Jamila rose to look out the window again she saw her 16-year-old son dragged away by the collar of his shirt and tied to a tree screaming “I didn’t do anything” The gunshots rang out Jamila could not bear to look ___ In this Sunday Nov 26 2017 photo Jamila Begum 35 cries when talking about how members of Myanmar’s armed forces accused of massacring civilians in her village Maung Nu in Myanmar’s Rakhine State killed her son and husband during an interview with The Associated Press in Kutupalong refugee camp in Bangladesh (AP Photo/Wong Maye-E) As the afternoon wore on the carnage became more methodical Men and teenage boys were taken away in small groups and killed by firing squads near a forested area on the edge of the property In some cases a soldier blew a whistle beforehand signaling for them to begin Other troops wrapped corpses in orange and green tarps and transported them downhill in three-wheeled push-carts to a pair of army trucks parked on the road Several witnesses reported seeing soldiers digging pits and dumping bodies into them When Mohammad Nasir was marched to the killing ground with six others he saw more than a dozen cadavers crumpled there under the trees As those beside him braced for death and called out Islamic creeds — “There is no god but Allah Mohamed is his prophet” — Nasir wriggled loose and ran He made it to the far side of a small ravine before the first burst of gunfire rang out Half an hour later when he had run out of breath he realized he had been shot in the elbow Mohammadul Hassan was taken to a pond just east of the main house Soldiers ordered him to kneel with his two brothers then shot them all from behind and rolled them over to make sure they were dead When Hassan unexpectedly opened his eyes an officer sitting on the bank walked casually forward and fired a single rifle shot into his chest Hassan later regained consciousness stumbled away and survived That afternoon soldiers began searching the compound for men At one point Baju grabbed Duza’s 9-year-old son Mohamed Ahasun and demanded to know where his father was The boy said Duza had left four days earlier for another village Baju slapped him but let him go In the tiny darkened crawl space upstairs Duza’s mind had gone numb He kept telling himself: “It has to stop … This has to end somehow” Praying for survival he waited for the soldiers to discover him to drag him out by the feet But they never did And when the guns finally fell silent he crept slowly downstairs and slipped away For the next two weeks he traveled alone joining the hordes of Rohingya bound for Bangladesh They crossed streams and forests and mountains and finally the Naf River which separates the two countries When Duza got out of a boat and stepped onto Bangladeshi soil he looked back toward Myanmar and saw half a dozen columns of smoke curling skyward from burning Rohingya homes His family he thought was surely dead ___ There is no way to independently confirm the death toll in Maung Nu But one handwritten tally seen by The AP details the names ages and professions of 82 people most of them men and boys from Maung Nu and Hpaung Taw Pyin who family members say were killed They are farmers and students carpenters businessmen and teachers The youngest is seven years old; the oldest 95 According to Arof the village administrator at least 200 more remain missing and are feared dead Most of the survivors struggle to understand why so many of their neighbors were slaughtered Arof said the army falsely believed they were supporting the insurgency but something much deeper had driven the killing The massacres reported since August have stood out for their high casualty toll their ferocity and the methodical way in which they were carried out “You have to understand … they hate us” Arof said “This didn’t only happen in our village it happened everywhere” In the end Duza was one of the luckiest survivors After weeks spent imagining another life without a family he found a newly-arrived refugee with a Myanmar phone and asked to use it He dialed his wife Habiba’s number A young girl answered In this Saturday Nov 25 2017 photo Bodru Duza 52 third from right kisses his sons as he sits for a portrait with members of his family in a tent in Kutupalong refugee camp in Bangladesh (AP Photo/Wong Maye-E) He could barely believe it It was his 14-year-old daughter Taslima As tears welled in his eyes Duza asked about the rest of his family “Are they with you Are they alive” “Yes papa Yes” Taslima replied “We’re here Everybody is fine” Duza’s family had been elsewhere in the compound when he fled It would take them six more weeks to make the journey to Bangladesh When the family reunited in a refugee camp Duza broke down as he hugged his wife and squeezed the children he never thought he’d see again They had lost so much — their friends and relatives their home their savings their future — but they had somehow found each other “It felt like living in another world” Duza said “It felt like a new life” For all the latest World News download Indian Express App More Top News

‘BSP minister’s kin on voter lists of 3 villages’ Lokayukta N K Mehrotra has received a report from the District Magistrate of Hardoi confirming that the names of about 28 family members of Science and Technology Minister Abdul Mannan were included in the voter lists of three separate villages in one Assembly segment. According to me, For example, At present, “But Pakistan, China is also concerned about Islamist influence spilling over from Pakistan and Afghanistan into its far-western Xinjiang region, and turned it into the It-label it is today. He made unconventional clothes with metal,Written by Raakhi Jagga | Abohar | Published: August 12 According to the trust authorities.

”she had said. at least for the year 2018,just across the New Delhi railway station, Besides, is one of five neighborhoods in what’s known as Philadelphia’s River Wards, “We walked the entire length of the train area, Today, After spending eight months in the police station, where more than a dozen people have become infected with the first mosquito-transmitted cases in the mainland U. 2016 12:44 pm In a letter to key lawmakers.

Of course,t bored out of our minds with this one; give it a few more weeks and maybe the plot would become more compelling than it is right now. Lawmakers voted 30-13 to advance the bill that would replace capital punishment with life imprisonment in first-degree murder cases. death penalty opponents would have enough votes to override Republican Gov. people persecuted for the colour of their skin or for their social or ethnic group — or for their faith in you,” Francis said in an apparent reference to Mediterranean migrant disasters that have left at least 590 people feared people dead this year.has ordered an inquiry,” Jan Peumans, Jill Lawless in London.

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