"Fortune" magazine, whether an enterprise can succeed in the performance, whether you can get a good reputation, it all depends on the enterprise boss, because employees work enthusiasm will change because of their boss, and the secrets of becoming a good boss is qualified to employee.

"as a good boss, the biggest characteristic is he can help employees move obstacles and to help him complete the work smoothly." David, the boss of Sirota, a consulting firm, says Sirota. Since its inception in 1972, the consulting firm has conducted surveys of millions of employees who have entered the Fortune 500 companies.

in the employee’s eyes, what kind of boss is a good boss?

can be seen according to our survey, people generally work when you have three expectations. First of all, they want to be treated fairly, they want their work to be recognized, and they want to be paid fairly. Secondly, employees want to get a sense of achievement from work, people want to be proud of their team and place of work. The third is the feelings of colleagues, that is, they want to be able to work in the process of getting the friendship between colleagues, while a sense of belonging.

The characteristics of

why when employees, companies should pay attention to whether they had a passion for the job?

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