you should know, today, Taobao customer market has become saturated, largely because due to the strong propaganda mom in the home page, so that more and more people joined the ranks of the guest of Taobao, a lot of people think Taobao passengers must have their own website, which led directly to the station increased continuously. The direct result of the current passenger crowded market for Taobao, and Amoy website very complicated category, the lack of a rational. Available on the Internet to search a lot of the station, but you will find these carefully browsing, the style of the website is almost a template, which can make people feel boring, lack of new things, it is difficult to lift people’s appetite, a lot of things the same will make people irritable, so don’t want from others who earn money. This is all the guest station faces the biggest problem.

recently the webmaster forum site is a large number of guest K posts, many Taobao guest website included by K, SITE or less after the website included, either directly by plucking, Taobao guests in an uproar. Liu Kangyu’s station included also lost a lot of. Station by this disaster, is accidental or inevitable? Now Taobao guest Wangzhuan has been at the leading position in the industry, relying on Taobao money off people are also more and more, Taobao seems to have a monopoly of guest Wangzhuan Wangzhuan project industry, other living space becomes narrow and small lot. The K site, basically have the following common points:

1, the site is huge, like the industry website, and very similar. This is because they use the same guest program, call the content naturally as, such as Tao emperor, Sirius, Amoy head etc..

2, the content of the site are collected, there is little real value of the article.

3, completely rely on API calls, with the pseudo static way to increase the collection.

4, a large number of Web site keywords stack, cheating serious.

through the above points can be seen, after the Baidu "rectification movement", many guest are abandoned the homogenization of serious guest program, with a separate CMS. But for a separate CMS after the maintenance update is very troublesome, so there is a part of the change to another set of procedures for shopping back now. Naturally derived from a new model to make money – Amoy Shopping for Refund mode.

according to the current situation, it seems that this pattern appears to be very suitable for shopping. And the fact that this is true, in fact, shopping back to this model is not optimistic about many people in the industry. Why? Although the pattern of shopping back to attract traffic and repeat customers, because they feel that the benefits can be obtained. Taobao customers operating such sites can really get a lot of benefits. Shopping is now shared with the buyer to commission. In the future, there are many shopping sites, but also rely on to attract these buyers, of course, is to give buyers a larger share, so it will form a vicious competition, when Taobao’s profits and

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