The advent of

search engine technology, led to the prosperity of the entire Internet industry. Today, mobile search based on mobile phones and other carriers have been regarded as the next opportunity for the search industry.

, like the Internet search, the business model is also plagued by the problem of mobile search operators. While advertising, is undoubtedly the most currently worth looking forward to a pattern — according to Informa Telecoms Media, a copy of the latest statistical report shows that the next 5 years the global mobile advertising market total value will climb to $11 billion 350 million.

so, in the mobile search is growing today, how to let the advertising catch mobile search express? How to allow users to accept this new model of mobile advertising? The new search and advertising marketing era, but also for mobile search practitioners bring what opportunities and challenges?

Silicon Valley power invited to focus on mobile search business site Cgogo CEO Zhu Bo, on July 3, 2007 (Tuesday) at 14:30 in the afternoon on time at Silicon Valley power studio, together with friends to interact on related topics.

time: July 3, 2007

PM 14:30-15:30

intends to invite guests: Cgogo website CEO Zhu Bo

theme: let the ads catch mobile search express

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