Abstract in his 20 year career, he has learned a lot, which makes him wiser, more efficient and more intelligent.

BI Chinese station on September 13th reported

as a continuous entrepreneur, Zeta Interactive David – (David A. Steinberg) has been a brilliant success, but also suffered a tragic defeat in CEO. In his 20 year career, he has learned a great deal, which has made him wiser, more efficient and more intelligent.

Steinberg graduated from college in less than a year into the rapid development of the mobile phone industry. In 1992, he founded a retail chain and business to business (B2B) e-commerce company Sterling Cellular. Then he founded the telemarketing company Sterling Communications. In 1999, he sold the company along with his retail business. In the same year, he founded the online mobile and B2B e-commerce company InPhonic.

Steinberg said, in the most glorious period, InPhonic company received about $400 million in revenue. In 2004, it was named the fastest growing Private Companies in the United States by Inc. magazine and was successfully listed in the year. But by 2007, the company went bankrupt because of poor management and a host of other factors.

he stood up quickly from setbacks, and business partner John Scully (John Sculley) – Pepsi’s former president and former apple CEO – founded digital marketing company, the company changed its name to Zeta Interactive in this year. Steinberg said, Zeta Interactive last year to create a $90 million revenue from the beginning of this year to now, it has exceeded $100 million in revenue. He expects the company’s annual growth rate of 90%, its operating profit rate will reach more than 10 percent, which means that the Zeta Interactive company is in the broad road of rapid and healthy development.

Steinberg said, here’s his experience in the cause of the change radically obtained after the profound lessons, these lessons so that he benefited.

1 organization talent, set the process, the pursuit of sustainable development.

Steinberg says one of the reasons for the failure of InPhonic is that it is growing too fast. In a year’s time, it provides 100 thousand discount from the consumer to the development of mobile phones to provide a discount of 1 million phones. In terms of manpower and technology, the company is not ready. Because the company is difficult to adapt to the new changes, the customer service department has been under great pressure; in the end, the company will provide discounted mobile phone cycle from 1

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