IT industry recently broke out, the station is dead, individual entrepreneurs are dead, the absurd remarks. I absolutely do not believe this evil, I believe that the Internet has been an important force in the personal webmaster is still full of vitality. Personal Adsense has not been eliminated by the mobile Internet, mobile Internet is not only a personal webmaster disaster, but is a good opportunity for personal webmaster.

the end of the mobile Internet users are more and more large, although the Internet giant in the mobile terminal market share, but they are not exhaustive, most segments also need to open up personal webmaster.




website to realize the ambition

some people think that the "mobile Internet" is app, this is wrong, WAP website is not mobile Internet? In addition with the development of the mobile Internet and smart mobile phone, many users are very accustomed to directly browse web on mobile phone.

so the webmaster can make the traditional WAP version of the site, as well as iPad and other tablet version, these opportunities are full.

, for example, some large web sites or forums, opened the mobile version of the forum.

app service providers help Adsense

if similar to discuz, phpwind and other open source program is to help individuals solve the technical solutions on the web. The mobile internet terminal app will also have the corresponding service providers, in fact, there are many.

similar to the domestic DZ, PW traditional open source service providers have begun to force in the field of mobile Internet, ready to provide services for individual owners. In addition, the new mobile phone applications and mobile games recommended download business, harvest a lot of mobile phone users, successfully cut into the field of mobile internet. Of course, these communities are still dominated by the traditional Internet community, mobile Internet business is just the extension and complement their original advantages.

WeChat, micro-blog platform wide

in addition to individual owners in the field of mobile terminal transformation, it can break the traditional rigid thinking, who said the owners must buy their own host, buy your own domain name? I think not, although the narrow said the webmaster is an independent domain name website, but broadly speaking, those who provide service to others on the Internet provide, no content can be called a


webmaster rely on micro-blog, WeChat, establish content account, develop grassroots large, direct attention gathered in the third party platform, directly on giant profits, compared with the traditional website, the more cost saving.

open platform from isolated island to open

open platform is a personal AdSense for mobile Internet side have to say that, although this has a certain technical threshold, but there are some corresponding to its simple

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