remember when last November, began to do wangzhuan. At that time, just think Wangzhuan is simple, it seems easier to make money. In addition when network community has been misunderstanding, is making money online is a very simple, very relaxed, aristocratic Wangzhuan mode. Of course, the early Chinese network, the emergence of such misunderstanding is normal, because then can have a computer, only a handful of extremely rich, and has a certain level of network technology, in order to operate. For example, Ma Huateng, Ma, Robin Li, etc., are the characters of this period. Coupled with the existence of this big flicker Ma, this view layer exists in the hearts of Chinese people.

but along with the development of the network, the popularity of computer networks, this should be a very quickly disappeared view, but by some sinister network crooks use, not only did not disappear, but intensified. Here again to Ma, his own Ali Co to, has played a role. A lot of publicity, and the network induced liar, ordinary people’s point of view, Wangzhuan work is that, click ads, then every day to get a few hundred dollars of income. This idea is a funny idea, if this is the case, it is not just to spend hundreds of dollars to buy a computer, Chinese 1 billion 300 million can be directly off? It does not show the idea.

So many people think the early

can be said that is not healthy! Just like the day is connected to the Internet, do not know how to type, simply think that can make money, even if that is not to earn one hundred a day, I’ll make a 10 piece of the 20 total ok. Seems to have been wronged, but in fact is a very delusional idea. Wangzhuan is not so easy. Earn 100 yuan a day, thousands of dollars, but some of the master’s income. For the novice, earn money, it is already a high honor.

some others, for those who point to an ad for 1 cents of the project, it is disdain. They believe that their own experience, should be used in more meaningful things.

then ask, what is more important?

know that those who earn tens of millions of sites, is how to make money? Good 123 know how to make money in the sale of it before you rely on navigation is that a few inconspicuous, the total number of less than 50 words of small ads. Don’t look down upon the network change, this is very ignorant behavior. A click is 1 cents, and the 10 is the click of the 1 cents, the is 1 yuan · · · · ·

money is earned by hard work, do not operate, what can not earn. So Wangzhuan, don’t bother to try to operate, you can also through the network to get a penny. Wangzhuan, even so., remember my station, web site to make money.

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