I’ve always thought that the Internet belongs to young people. Today, 70 of us have been "Altman", today’s college students from the birth of the Internet, representing the mainstream users and future trends. Have the mind emerge in an endless stream of whimsy. You have an unparalleled advantage, but I do not agree with the university graduates to start their own company, it is necessary to go to large companies to learn to accumulate experience, and slowly.

Wang Anshi once told a story of "hurt the future", and I have met such a thing. The Lord judges a year I worked as a dark horse contest, against all the odds award to a graduate student face recognition products. This thing is still very early, so when VC gave him some advice, and to have the strength of the Internet Co cooperation, so that the product in the process of interaction with the user to be polished, verified and refined. But unfortunately, after he won the award, the financial capital, the mentality is not the same. A year later, although not obliterate all men, but I did not see this team has no business progress.

their failure is that technology can have genius, but some things still need experience, need to accumulate. These are what we have just walked out of the ivory tower, but it is necessary to build a successful business.

first, a good product is not a flash, overnight, to grasp the needs of users, to keep pace with the times, small run, continuous grinding. So you have to be tough, to know how to grasp the needs of users,

second, with a good product, but also a good operation. I never thought that the emperor daughter mentality, is not afraid of deep alley. You have to think of ways to promote the product out, so there are products and technology is not enough to understand the market.

third, as long as you start the business as long as a few in the dormitory to engage in a few computers can work. But as you get bigger, you need to finance. How to and VC, and dealing with financial predators to get financing? You should be familiar with capital operation.

fourth, you get 10 million of the success, how to spend money? When three people do but 200 people to be in full swing, almost no one has to work. Management is a big challenge for you.

did not learn these, you go directly to the business, is exhausted. I am a very loving person, could see a repeat of Zhongyong "situation.

venture like game lianjidaguai, have a lot of choices, many challenges, each step, you must have a self promotion. Many companies are on the way to upgrade. So before you enter the game, you need to find a training ground, you start with some successful companies and successful entrepreneurs where nutrition.

when I was in school, I have two business failure, so after graduation to join other companies to learn entrepreneurship. I think it’s me

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