recently, the brand home appliance channel cooperation projects in the industry caused no small waves. On the issue of channel cooperation, the author interviewed a number of cooperative web site owners, interviews found that the form of cooperation in the form of channel owners have given full recognition, and the prospects for cooperation with high hopes.

detail transparency

webmaster reflect, brand home appliances network launched the brand home appliance channel cooperation, not only has a standardized cooperation agreement, the details of the deal is also very transparent. This transparency is to cooperate with the website to respect and protect the right to know, to avoid unnecessary trouble and loss due to asymmetric information.

cooperation income problem is the issue of concern to both sides of cooperation. In the channel cooperation background, set up special commission settlement column, webmaster can through this column to keep abreast of the related transactions, including single user time, order amount, deserve Commission, whether the transaction is successful, even the history of the transaction. The transparency of these information is conducive to the real-time monitoring of the proceeds of cooperation to ensure their own cooperative income.

add three steps

in the process of communication between the author and the webmaster, because of the way to join the cooperation is very simple, some owners will join the process of cooperation into three steps.

the first step: the site through the record, the content of legal health, style is not limited. If the conditions are met, they have joined the channel cooperation first into the tickets.

second steps: the definition of cooperative channel two domain names, such as: jd..Com. After registering in the background, the definition of the two domain name do CHAME resolution to An e-commerce website owners to remind: in the analysis of the time must pay attention to the back of the com, because of negligence, leading to the first resolution of the time did not succeed.

third steps: application for review. After the audit, the webmaster will have a B2C home appliance mall. For the cooperation channel page, the user can crown the name of their site, brand home appliance network without interference.

brand resource sharing

network is the first domestic brand appliances brand manufacturers direct sales of home appliances online mall, has been with Haier, Hisense, SKYWORTH and other 54 well-known brands to achieve cooperation, quality, customer service and other home appliances consumer concern of manufacturers will provide strong brand assurance.

cooperation website presentation to the B2C appliance store users enjoy the same brand appliance network rich brand resources, cooperation channel page has five main sections, "recommended products", "selling home appliances" and "recommended brand" and "promotional activities" and "trade" and so on, the column content edited by brand appliance network design the update, and strive to provide the most new home appliance business to consumers in the first time.

cooperation projects also encountered embarrassing

it is understood that channel cooperation project is progressing well, but in the promotion process >

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