this article analyzes the importance of storytelling and should not reach seven, when the content of marketing is more and more important, the company behind the brand story not only represents more meaning for start-ups, "every start-ups should start with the form of media".

when you call a taxi, but has not to listen, but also the dispatcher kept saying "soon, 15 minutes, 15 minutes after that are not even a shadow. If there is an application that will help you find the nearest empty taxi, this is the legendary inspiration behind Uber, a story that has been summed up in one sentence: "everyone’s personal driver".

whenever it comes to persuasion, the average company tends to be more traditional and more dependent on the left brain: logic, price and variety. However, more evidence shows that emotion is a better marketing tool, Daniel Pink as "Drive", the author said: "the right of control is a new source of competitive advantage". Rely on the brain can arouse people more emotional involvement, and the story is the best way to make this happen.

so, you talk about a company behind the story of the scene should be completely different from your story on party, although it is recognized as a recipe for success, but most business stories are completely failed or irrelevant, especially in the business circle. But I don’t think you can teach a company to build their own stories, just like you can’t teach a person how to change his personality, on the contrary, I think in the story are some of the best not to touch the line.

story (Storytelling), not to show off

for storytelling, this should be the most basic basic skills, people will not only absorb you tell them the facts and information, instead they will really listen to the whole story, and then make a self inference, so instead of going to tell them what to do, not only is the sharing of stories, let it naturally into people’s brain and let it bring people’s own ideas that.

when you are in storytelling, the sharing should start in this way, so that people feel the story behind the vision, or put themselves in the story of the characters, as Mark said:

don’t just say an old lady is screaming. Bring the old lady up and scream.

in practice should be like this: enter "about us (About US) interface, see text or picture only? You are the only data or some of the background story about the company? The story is not some humor, or can tell who you are


and you can sort out what you’re saying

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