July 18th news, educational mobile Internet APP applications, in the strict sense is not all the extension of the physical education in the mobile internet. Due to the strong interaction and interactivity of mobile Internet applications, combined with the educational process, will be derived from more business and functional possibilities.

children’s Educational Software Research Institute engineer father network founder and general manager Li Wenhua in an interview with IT Business News Network said, APP education has significantly improved children’s traditional educational media performance, very interested in children, parents are willing to invest, these three aspects are harbingers of future good development of education app.

back word App software extension Xue CEO to IT business news network, said that in a number of entertainment, social and shopping needs are met by a certain extent, the same as the basic needs of education will be gradually triggered.

is the so-called "old saying in the book house of gold", the business model is a ring embedded individual applications must experience, but in the present situation, the development of education of class APP is only at the stage of accumulation of the number of users.

IT Business News Network incomplete survey found that the current APP education can be divided into fun quiz games, foreign language learning, early childhood education, encyclopedia knowledge and other categories, and most of these applications have the possibility of joining business factors.


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early childhood education software baby bus operation manager Zheng Yun told reporters, because the baby bus is preschool children education products, so we have to give away most of the profit effect very good profit model, such as integral wall, props and so on. "We only use 2 ways: pay for downloads, or free products include a number of selective advertising." Zheng Yun told IT business news network.

reporter from the apple store to see the current educational App popular applications mainly focus on infant education, language learning, the majority is still based on the number of foreign related applications, but the ranking for domestic applications.

and the author, personal development products and product development company from the software interface and racing together bridle to bridle, single user experience on the not obvious difference between the pros and cons, and some personal development products can also pay to list the top position. In the current apple APP ranking in front of the knowledge of the class Q & a class, for example, in addition to the application can be charged to download, the program embedded advertising or embedded advertising problems have been tried as a profitable direction.

survey shows that the number of infants in China has reached 108 million, of which 0~3 years old infant conservative estimate of about $70 million. Forecast according to the mainstream research institutions, with 80 parents of digital electronic products consumption rate increase, only children market demand, a conservative estimate of at least 1 trillion yuan.

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