single page why so hot?

single page Taobao customer unpopular situation has passed, why so many Internet marketers with single page Taobao off in the heat, a large part of the reason is that they need to find such a product (single page simple) to let the Japanese into million slogans become easy to implementation and promotion. Easy + happy to make money? Do you believe it?

we usually see the guest single page at Taobao tutorial SEO traffic source, through the black hat SEO, such as the sale of Links, black chain, chain wheel and so on, get keywords flow short, or the chain resources through a large number of honest toil, access to several key words flow. We see a single page keywords some teacher training of the ranking is very good, this is their conversation. However, there are a few people can do that, I want to search for weight loss list, 80% is the promotion of energy-saving, rather than the real potential customers.

What is the value of

single page?

single page Taobao customer first should be derived from foreigners CPS mode, single page is very popular in the CB, CJ, a single page, from the user recommendation, reviews, product introduction, free resources, credit guarantee, simple page to the customer to buy dispel doubts. Three characteristics: high profit, high flow, high conversion rate. Let the value of a single page in the field of e-commerce is very outstanding, it is obvious that such a model is worth learning.

single page Taobao passenger traffic come from?

before many of the network training institutions have let everyone through a single page of their own SEO to get traffic, because the key words are very small, these traffic is indeed very high quality. But the breakdown of the key words flow? Obviously, if you do "lose weight list" such words certainly do not consider, can only do "XX capsule, even do it first, but also a few traffic every day.

look at the foreigner is how to operate, single page is not the direct source of traffic, but through email marketing, agent Google, Facebook absorption, advertising and so on, the injection rate for a single page, there are free, there are also formed, but also the investment of. This way of thinking is very clear, the cost of a single page itself is low, only need to consider how to absorb the external traffic can be, not just limited to the page itself SEO Traffic capacity.

single page Taobao guest still do it?

how to change your thinking, look at other people’s operating cases is the most direct. The domestic Internet industry has never lacked a master, but most of them are making a lot of money. Fat brother mining comparing some representative single page Taobao customer operation method, to share with you.

1, through a number of content sites to collect users, single page Taobao customer feedback marketing

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