network, referred to as English Wangzhuan, make-money-online. By means of the Internet means to earn the cash in reality. Most of the people on the concept of the impression is very ideal: the little mouse, play games, hanging QQ, gold and silver will Everfount in, even when going to bed, open the computer will automatically make money for you…… Very idealized.

because of this ideal, which most people take a skeptical attitude to this thing: the sky will not fall, if there is a way to make money, then everyone who went to work nine to five, to do business, and even hard dry


that’s true. The author from the 2003 official net, slowly also contact some methods to make money online, looks very attractive, but really do when they found that far from propaganda so simple, especially in me all through the night according to the so-called propaganda operation cheats a period of time, people do not find they have ghost not the ghost, and the account is either 0, or is the minimum payment amount is not required to project, or even a foreign Wangzhuan site, pay a $200 minimum, but I worked hard to do for a month, only 2 USD poor


I repent, and liar! "Wangzhuan liar, search" in Google and Baidu, even out of thousands of articles with numerous Wangzhuan fooled experience, since then, I began to learn to sniff at Wangzhuan, bent, reading, writing, submission, completely abandoned this pie in the sky thing.

but it is such a kind of easy to give up, and later, even let me regret for a while!

graduated, the Internet industry, truly contact network, the profit model of the site slowly, with the understanding of the Internet business, especially after contact with the Adsense advertising alliance, the station I slowly had income, from the first few months do not have to pay the minimum payment (100 $Adsense), slowly $more than and 100 a month, $more than and 200, even up to 600 dollars, more than my wages, I discovered that the original is not Wangzhuan is a lie.

let me sigh with emotion and regret is made some Wangzhuan expert, according to the expert his public speeches and the network of lakes on the trail of rumors, I slowly understand and familiar with some Wangzhuan expert, they learned that the profits of the 2000-2006 in the past few years, almost into the bucket of gold, a monthly income of tens of thousands of dollars, a lot of people when the first pot of gold digging himself, as millions of millionaire.

But we are also

2003, the so-called golden age of contact with some Wangzhuan Wangzhuan, why did not succeed, give up


then I summed up the new reason from doubt to try holding the attitude to do, to finally hit head broken and bleeding, to give up completely, the most fundamental.

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