every year, each industry has a number of new projects and new products were born, there are numerous projects normal or abnormal death. This is the most natural thing in nature. But in the field of mobile Internet, 2012 seems to be some alternative.

has counted nearly 2000 this year to stop updating the mobile Internet application program, which is more than 50% this year for the first time on the line, that is to say the survival time of less than one year. Compared with the previous flawed financial or technical faults died much less. Thanks to the rise of the early rise of the investment and financing industry, the mobile Internet business ecosystem than any previous era has matured norms. Entrepreneurs assume the risk is smaller than in the past, does not mean that the success rate can be improved. When money is not a problem, despair becomes the biggest problem.

2012 mobile Internet cause of death Top1: desperate

despair filled almost every corner of the mobile Internet business class. This year the outbreak of the mobile Internet is the direct fuse of smart mobile devices outbreak. Because of the change of change leading this trend is not the user needs or social structure, so too low or even negative producer surplus in 2012 followed by the mobile Internet entrepreneurs, this phenomenon is popularly called the red sea.

this situation is particularly evident in pure LBS class applications. In November 8th this year, NetEase announced the dissolution of the eight party service team to become the representative of the death case in this field. In fact, two years ago by the dozens of Chinese location sharing products are basically in this year into the equivalent to death or near death state influence the birth of foursquare. For example, cut off grand, although the project is still in, but has been shelved, and is closed. A leader in the field of the street is facing more embarrassing situation: capital adequacy, the number of users and content are growing, but the business is already unable to break through. This is a very uncomfortable feeling of despair: when walking in the broad road, and then suddenly it came to an end. In the third quarter of this year, the streets of the internal and external made many attempts to maintain confidence in the expression of the parties, but its CEO Liu David had to admit that the street model is not clear".

is not just the LBS, mobile Internet product venture the bulk of – social and sharing also face oversupply caused by despair. In this case the deaths this year more: imitation of the path bit, the stranger social flash together, random voice products and so on…… Similarly, these products can not be said to end the business is short of money, but has not seen some growth. Not only have no future, even now lost.

mobile terminal hardware and software integration equally desperate, from the Ministry of information show that in 2011 China’s mobile phone shipments reached 1 billion 130 million, in 2012 this figure may exceed 1 billion 400 million. Registered intelligent mobile phone brand has more than 2000, and every month the collapse of manufacturers. 2012 Internet phone concept allows hot money and small vendors >

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